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Roast Pumpkin Soup with Gruyere Croutes

Seasonal Roast Pumpkin Soup Recipe from the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Pumpkin Soup is one of these dishes which you simply can’t skip in the autumn. It’s the perfect time to make the most of pumpkins which are just as tasty as they are nutritious. This season, we’re opting for the latter and sharing a lovely Roast Pumpkin Soup recipe with you. But it’s not just your regular pumpkin soup! There is a gorgeous twist in form of some Gruyere Croutes which provide another layer of flavour and introduce some texture to an otherwise creamy dish.

Roasted Beetroot, Shallot & Garlic Soup

ENTCS Roasted Beetroot Soup Recipe - a quick and easy lunch idea full of nutrients

Beetroot is a highly nutritious vegetable that’s often underestimated in the kitchen. Not only is it rich in vitamin A, C and B9, but it also contains a lot of calcium, iron and potassium. What’s the quickest way to introduce it into your kitchen? Make an easy and delicious beetroot soup! Roasting the veggies beforehand creates a rich and distinctive taste and takes away a lot of work. Check out the video as well to see how quick this roasted beetroot soup actually is!

Scottish Shortbread

After over 10 years of teaching here at the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School, we have made a lot of shortbread. And we mean, a lot! Probably enough to fill our kitchen and then some more. The reason is simple – this is how we greet our students at the beginning of each course. It’s a lovely tradition which resulted in so many requests to share our recipe. The great news is, it’s a quick and easy recipe which you’ll be able to recreate at home in a flash!  Have a look at the video and follow Fiona for the most buttery, delicate shortbread you’ll ever try!

Tomato Sauce with Gastrique

ENTCS Recipe for Tomato Sauce with Gastrique

If you’re trying to step up your pizza game, look no further! With this rich tomato sauce, all the flavours will be intensified and joined together to create a perfect dish right on your plate. But don’t stop there – it will be perfect for a variety of different dishes so make a big batch straight away. What’s the secret sauce you might ask? Gastrique! The lovely balance of sweet and sour enhances the taste of the tomatoes, making it one of the best you’ll ever try. And need we really repeat ourselves? Nothing beats homemade! So let’s roll up our sleeves and get cooking.

Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe from ENTCS with video

The wonderful smell of cinnamon and caramelising sugar wafting through your house is not the only bonus of these cinnamon buns. Once you try out this recipe, you will not be able to stop making these! They are perfectly soft, delicious and really fun to make, especially when you get creative with different ways of shaping them. Get your kids involved for some fun time in the kitchen! Don’t forget to check out the full video for the step by step process.

Falafel and Tahini Sauce

Falafel and Tahini Sauce Recipe

If you’re looking for some tasty vegetarian recipes, falafel is definitely going to pop up during your search. This beloved Middle Eastern dish is not only delicious, but also very versatile. Have it with mint, coriander, parsley (or all of them!), enjoy them spicy or a bit more mild, put them in a bun, a pita, tortilla or try it in a superfood salad or a buddha bowl… the possibilities are endless! With this simple recipe and some tips from our Principal, Fiona, you can experiment with the herbs and spices to work out the best version for you. Don’t forget about the Tahini Sauce which will jazz it up even more!