Getting Ready for University

This five day course is designed for students who are about to go to college or university or who are leaving halls of residence to fend for themselves. They will learn basic cookery to help them survive healthily through their time away. We will cover basic cooking techniques, how to choose ingredients, how to use leftovers, how to budget and manage money. They will leave with an apron, a folder of easy, cheap but nutritious recipes and an enthusiasm for cooking.

They will cook both individually and in pairs and will be shown how to plan and cook meals which will not break their budget. We will show the students how to make the most of cheaper cuts of meat and how to make nutritious, delicious and filling meals which will not take hours to prepare. They will cook their own lunches and will have prepared dishes to take away with them at the end of every day.

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Getting Ready for University at culinary school UK
Mon 19th August 2024"Getting Ready for University" Course£710.00

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