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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Tomato Sauce with Gastrique

ENTCS Recipe for Tomato Sauce with Gastrique

If you’re trying to step up your pizza game, look no further! With this rich tomato sauce, all the flavours will be intensified and joined together to create a perfect dish right on your plate. But don’t stop there – it will be perfect for a variety of different dishes so make a big batch straight away. What’s the secret sauce you might ask? Gastrique! The lovely balance of sweet and sour enhances the taste of the tomatoes, making it one of the best you’ll ever try. And need we really repeat ourselves? Nothing beats homemade! So let’s roll up our sleeves and get cooking.

7 Ways to Support Local Business

7 ways to support local business

So many of our favourite local businesses are suffering immensely due to the current situation 😥 However, it remains absolutely critical that we stay home to help curb the spread of the virus 🏠 That’s why we decided to share 7 simple steps to support local business without setting foot outside!   React to their post 👍😆❤️ A lot […]

Pantry Essentials: 10 Ingredients to Always Have Stocked in Your Kitchen

There are some ingredients that are always worth having stocked in your pantry. These simple staples will help you create a multitude of different dishes so it’s good to have them around if you’re stuck and need a bit of inspiration. Whether it’s the first time you’re actually stocking your own pantry…

Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe from ENTCS with video

The wonderful smell of cinnamon and caramelising sugar wafting through your house is not the only bonus of these cinnamon buns. Once you try out this recipe, you will not be able to stop making these! They are perfectly soft, delicious and really fun to make, especially when you get creative with different ways of shaping them. Get your kids involved for some fun time in the kitchen! Don’t forget to check out the full video for the step by step process.