Turn a Passion for Food into a Career

adding wine to the dish whilst learning how to cook Edinburgh

Turn a Passion for Food into a Career 

Whether you are leaving school or looking for a change, deciding what career you really want to pursue requires a lot of self-reflection, conviction and indeed, a bit of courage too. Taking what you love to do and turning it into a profession can be challenging. As the head of a school I’ve seen people come from lots of different circumstances and backgrounds and seen first-hand the drive they have to succeed and I’m very proud of what my school has to offer to help them achieve their dreams.

The hospitality sector, and in particular the restaurant business can be a hard place to work, so it is important to get your career off to the right start and have the necessary tools to succeed.

Our professional programmes offer students a great breadth of experiences that can lead to opportunities in some of the best kitchens in Britain and around the world.  They are also perfect for those wishing to start a business or food venture and are looking to ensure their products carry a high level of professional quality.

Our students receive the best guidance from our expert staff, as well as professional food demonstrations and practical workshops. Over time they will immerse themselves in the classic aspects of cooking and achieve a great practical and theoretical knowledge of food and cooking. They also receive the tools to manage all aspects of the cooking process, from ingredient selection to menu management.

For newcomers there is the Three Month Beginners Certificate. This qualification will enable you to get a grasp of the fundamentals of classic cuisine and build a framework from which you can pursue a career in food.

We then offer the Three Month Intermediate qualification. This course is designed to elevate your abilities to a professional level and give you every opportunity to make an impression in the food and hospitality industry. This qualification can be taken directly after the beginner certificate and be combined into a six month practical cookery diploma.

For more information about our professional qualifications, check out our course programme.