Teenagers in the kitchen

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How many times a day do we find ourselves asking teenagers to stack or empty the dishwasher, to clear up after themselves and to eat healthily?  The teenage years are an essential point of life to instil good habits that will last throughout life.

I am always pleased to see how the teenagers who join our summer one week courses come into the kitchen a bit quiet and reticent, but by the end of the week they are not just talking nineteen to the dozen, but also producing some superb food!  And the enjoyment they get from learning core cookery skills is really rewarding to witness.

Our week long courses run during July and August and are suitable for 13-17 years old.  The courses include basic cooking skills including knife skills, weighing, using recipes and really importantly, how to clear up as they go.  They produce simple dishes, ideal for when they go to college, and they cook their own lunch as well as food to take home and impress their parents.

If your teenagers are looking to acquire a new skill during the summer and equip themselves either for college or just to keep them well-fed during exam time, our teenage courses might suit them well.
The course runs from 10.30 am to 4 pm.
Dates: 4 August – 8 August
Cost: £420