Team Building in Edinburgh with ENTCS

Team building in Edinburgh

At the beginning of the year it is a good time to think about teambuilding. Our own team at ENTCS in Edinburgh is now planning new options for our clients in 2020. There are so many amazing experiences available, it’s sometimes surprising that some teams cannot see beyond the ubiquitous pub session for something more creative. At the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School we have a winning recipe for team building in Edinburgh all through the year.

The Benefits of a Team Building Experience

Enjoyment is an essential part of team building, as is learning and, of course, working as a team. A fun creative experience can be invaluable for team morale and for forging new relationships and it is good to engage with colleagues outside the office. Imagine senior members of the whisking up delicious culinary creations alongside the trainee who only recently joined the business – we can’t think of a better or tastier way, for inter-company networking!

There are great benefits in getting your team communicating well and one of our team building experiences in our central Edinburgh state of the art kitchen and beautiful dining room is the perfect way to get both pots and conversations bubbling away.

Why Cooking at ENTCS?

While we understand that not everyone is a self-confessed foodie, the enjoyment of cooking together and then sitting down to eat the outcome of your work, is a wonderful experience. Pair that with our carefully selected wine in our beautiful first floor dining room in the heart of Edinburgh and you’ve got a combination that will prise even the least culinary-inclined individuals away from their ready meals. We can tailor your event and serve up a range of different things to cook, from 3 course meals to Tapas, Asian Street Food, Canapes, Sushi or Baking.

Our team building events start with a welcome in the demonstration room on the ground floor, where the group is divided into their teams for the event. Then it is time to don their aprons and move into the kitchen to prepare their meal.  Our expert staff are on hand to guide through the process and to keep an eye on novice cooks.  The menus we suggest to the event organisers are composed of fool proof recipes that everyone can enjoy cooking. There will be something that even the most inexperienced cook will enjoy making. All through the cooking process our kitchen helpers take away the washing up so you don’t need to do it!

After the food is ready, teams enjoy their meal in the comfort of the dining room with wine or beer and plenty of chat about the kitchen experience. If you want to turn it into a competition, we can help and our teacher/chefs will be happy to do the judging. We can also arrange for guests to leave with gifts from their day such as branded aprons, cookery books or utensils.

As a cook school, we’re well versed in dietary requirements and will always accommodate these so that everyone can enjoy taking part. Furthermore, we find that even the most reluctant cooks roll up their sleeves and enjoy the experience, so it is the best way to get a team working together on something both creative and fun.

January is a month of new beginnings so make sure you seize the opportunity to cook up a storm with your next team building event and hold it at Edinburgh New Town Cookery School.

Testimonial from TechnipFMC:

“The TechnipFMC Subsea Drilling System Team visited ENTCS as part of a team building event, the event was brilliantly organised and run. With the help and support from Annette, James and the rest of the team we surprised ourselves with what we were able to produce from the Asian Street Food menu.  Many thanks and we hope to be back soon.” – Tim G.