Returning to Work after a Career Break

Cook school UK trainer demonstrating cooking techniques at cook school Edinburgh

With teenage children myself, I know many mums who are looking to get back into work but are unsure of what exactly they are qualified to do.  For many women who choose to give up or reduce their careers in order to look after their children, going back to work again is the hardest part.

For some, the gap is only a few years as they have stayed at home during pre-school and once the children are in daily education, they realise they can now pick up their working life again.  For others it can be 18 years or more before they feel ready to return to work.  For those, there is often the dilemma that they need a qualification in order to market themselves in a worthwhile and life enhancing job.

Our three month beginners’ course is ideal for anyone who has had a career break, or indeed is looking for a career leap and needs qualifications to do it.  We also offer a six month diploma, which is a real stepping stone into a top kitchen.  One of our ex students, who completed the six month diploma with us, was recently made head chef at Ottolenghi in Islington fewer than 18 months after graduating.  While it need not be as stratospheric as that, it just shows how a little hard work can really pay off.

Not all cooking needs to be during anti social hours either.  Another of our former students works during the day as a baker at an Edinburgh cafe and restaurant.  Also for some, the training we provide includes budgeting, planning and finance, which gives the skills required to run a successful food business.  So whether you are thinking of opening a coffee shop, a restaurant, or just working in one, we equip students with all the skills and qualifications they need to get to the top of the game quickly.

I chose to keep working while having my children, and for many people the career gap is a rewarding and valuable time.  In going back to work it is important to continue that sense of personal achievement and find a job that is both satisfying and successful.  For many, cooking and working in the food industry is just that.