Preparing for University

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Every parent who has sent their children off to university has experienced that moment of panic over whether or not they will actually be able to feed themselves –  I know I certainly have.  The fear is they will resort to a diet based exclusively on microwave rice and cheap frozen pizzas because they are too focused on studying (or other extracurricular activities) to work out how to prepare cheap and healthy meals that will fuel them for all the fun they will be having.

So to ease them out of the door and to help them avoid a chronic lack of nutrition, here are a few simple tips and advice to impart to your eager offspring before they head out into the world.

The first thing to decide is the kind of equipment your budding adult will require, and perhaps more importantly actually use. It’s safe to say that they won’t be requiring pasta makers and bamboo steamers – it is more about providing the basic tools from which they can grow and become, over time, more accomplished and confident in the kitchen. Here is a suggested list of a good range of kitchen basics.

Glasses / cutlery / crockery


Vegetable peeler /garlic crusher/ grater/ kitchen scissors

Kitchen scales/ measuring jug / measuring spoons

Good kitchen knives and chopping boards – one for meat and one for general use



Small and large saucepans /Wok / frying pan/ Casserole dish

Baking tray and oven gloves

Mixing bowl

Plastic tubs for leftovers

Bottle opener/corkscrew (optional of course)

Tin opener – for emergency use!

With the right tools, practice makes perfect, and the right training before they leave home will prove an invaluable life skill for any young person.

Our five day Getting Ready for University course is a perfect way to give students that extra help. They will learn basic cookery skills and will be given good advice on a variety of useful topics such as ingredient selection, cooking on a budget and making the most of leftovers. As they will leave with a repertoire of great student recipes to give them the best start, you can sleep easy knowing that your child is out having the time of their life and looking after themselves properly while doing it!