Mixing cuisine with culture during the Edinburgh Festival

Professional cook school teaches students how to become a chef

When the Festivals arrive in August the city turns upside-down, as tourists from all over the globe descend on Edinburgh for the largest arts festival in the world. It is a force of nature, passing through every corner of the city, and at ENTCS we get to be right in the middle of it. Literally!

There are dozens of shows every night, which means that the real challenge can be deciding what you’d rather go and see – there’s just so much choice. However, I know from experience that it’s just as nice to spend an evening strolling around the city, watching as performers take to the streets against the beautiful backdrop of Edinburgh’s landmarks.

There are lots of festival experiences, but we can help to make yours even better. You might only have a few days so why not get as much out of them as possible by mixing culture with cuisine.  All of our One Day Courses in August finish at 4pm, allowing you plenty of time to take a stroll around the bustling city, or grab a dram before catching an evening performance (or two!). What better way to get the most out of your festival days?

When you arrive in the morning you’ll be greeted with a cup of tea or coffee while we run-through the day’s recipes with a demonstration. Using what you’ve learned you will then cook a delicious lunch that you can enjoy with a glass of wine, giving you the opportunity to trade some festival reviews and recommendations.  We are back in the kitchen in the afternoon, preparing something lovely that you can take away with you for later – perhaps to be eaten overlooking the city from Edinburgh Castle, tucked away in Princes Street Gardens, or watching outdoor theatre.

We’re even holding an Easy Entertaining Saturday Workshop on August 15th, where you’ll find inspiration for new dinner party dishes, including Scottish gourmet creations to show off at home using Salmon and Cora Linn. After cooking three courses, and enjoying them for lunch, you’ll be able to join the Festival for the afternoon. A lovely plan for a weekend escape to Edinburgh.

So before you’re swept away by an evening of world-class performances or spend your twilight hours slowly meandering through the bustle of Old Town’s cobbles, you can spend a wonderful day with us in our state-of the art, professional kitchens, learning some impressive new cookery skills to show off when the festival fun ends. Unfortunately, it all has to end some time…until next year anyway!

Find out which courses – from baking or artisan breads, to international cuisines – we have on offer through August on our Course Calendar.