Chocoholics delight!

Chef course Scotland run at professional cook school

We are at a very busy part of the Intermediate Certificate course. The majority of the students are also nearing the end of their Six Month Cookery Diploma and we like to keep them busy! Last week they all went off to various restaurants and bakeries around the city to do some work experience. Yesterday Charlotte Flower, a chocolatier who is based in Aberfeldy, came to give the students a chocolate workshop. They made ganache, which they flavoured with all sorts of things including, herbs, alcohol, fruit, spices, nuts and, even in one case, truffle oil! They then learned the delicate task of tempering chocolate. Apparently you will know if you have tempered it properly if it snaps when it breaks and doesn’t melt to the touch. They had a great day and took away boxes of lovely chocolates. We still have plenty in store for our students, who only have another three weeks to go on the course. Next week we have a “Running a Food Business Day” and two days of food photography. The following week we are looking forward to the Student Lunches before their exams in the final week.  How time flies! If you are interested in one of our longer courses read all about them here