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Chloe Savage

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School
Chloe Savage

Chloe Savage enrolled in the One Month Certificate course in 2012. Since then she has travelled the world, cooking for sailing crews aboard luxury yachts.

When I decided I wanted to make a career out of cooking I knew I had to expand my cookery skills. I looked at a lot of cookery schools across the country, but my fondness for Edinburgh led me to the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School. The structure of the course, being only four weeks long, and the fact it was limited to 12 people made my decision final – I felt like I could really learn in this environment.

I have always loved cooking, but only for friends. I never had the confidence to cook for anyone else, never mind doing it as a career. Spending time with Fiona and the team helped me a lot; they took me right back to basics which I now realise is extremely important when taking on any cookery job.

It was the best introduction I could’ve hoped for, Fiona and the team helped me to develop the skills I already had, whilst giving me new and exciting tips that I still use to this day. From the outset time management, planning and organisation was drilled into us. This is something that has stuck with me ever since, as well as keeping my station tidy – important in any kitchen but especially on a boat where the preparation space is so confined.

One thing I realised whilst doing my training was my love for food. The long hours and meticulous planning of menus are all worth it when I see the crew enjoying a meal I’ve prepared. The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School allowed me to turn my love for food into a career; they gave me a huge confidence boost and encouraged me to apply for my dream job. I’m currently travelling the world aboard a super yacht.


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