Vegan cookery course organised at cook school Edinburgh

Vegan Cookery

There is a large rise in people turning to a plant based diet. However it is important, in order to sustain this, that there is a good base knowledge of the nutrition required to maintain a healthy body and a selection of recipes to prevent it becoming boring. On this one day course we aim to show people who are beginners to vegan cookery or who are cooking for people who are vegan or for vegans who want a little help with planning exciting and nutritious meals. Arrive at 9.30am for a coffee or tea and we will start the demonstration and talk at 9.45am. After a short demonstration we’ll head to the kitchen for the morning cooking session. After lunch, which you have cooked, we carry on with the practical class and everything is packed up for you to take home by 4pm.

Dishes covered may include:


Aquafaba Meringues

Classic Eggless Mayonnaise

Cashew Cream / Alfredo Sauce


Mocha Brownies

Classic Eggless Mayonnaise

‘Caesar’ Style Salad with ‘Parmesan’

Lentil ‘Chilli’

Marinated Tofu with Chickpea, Tomato & Fresh Herb Salad with Red Pesto

Please view the Short Course Terms and Conditions.