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Michelle Logan

Michelle Logan
Michelle Logan

Michelle Logan, one time ski instructor, now full time chef, enrolled in the One Month Certificate course in May 2010 and since then has worked in shooting lodges, restaurants and as a private chef before returning to Edinburgh New Town Cookery School as a teacher. She now runs her own business Umami Spice Girl selling street food around Edinburgh from her beautiful shiny silver van. She still sells her curry kits at Stockbridge market but only a few times a year.

While Michelle always looked forward to the winter months, the summer never seemed quite as appealing. That is, until she realised a cookery course would give her the skills and ability to work and travel the whole year through.

After completing her one month course at the cookery school, Michelle went on to set up her own spice company, Umami Fifth Taste Ltd. Following her love for cooking with spices, Michelle produced fresh authentic curry kits from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and India and sold them at the famous Edinburgh Stockbridge market every Sunday.

Michelle explains:

“Nearing the end of every winter I would suddenly panic, wondering which job I would end up with this summer. After years of temporary jobs, I decided I needed to develop my skills. I attended a one month course at The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School and it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. So many cooking opportunities opened up for me – lodge work, yachts, private homes abroad – not to mention cooking during ski seasons too!

“It was a fantastic introduction to cooking, which not only provided me with an essential life skill but also set me up for a number of exciting opportunities, including developing my passion for spices. Fiona taught us some fantastic cooking tips and encouraged us to find our interest in the kitchen.

“Since my time at the cook school I’ve learnt to make my love for food into a career and set up my own spice company which is going from strength-to-strength, and allows me to travel and cook abroad as well.”


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