Joanne Ballingall – Teacher and Chef

Joanne has been passionate about food since she was a child. While practising as a family barrister, Joanne would “switch off” by cooking, reading cookery books and attending various cookery courses. Over the years she has acquired a vast collection of over 500 cookery books. After attending a Baking course at ENTCS in 2012, she decided to give up her law career of 25 years and enrolled on the Six Month Diploma at ENTCS. Since then, she has catered for numerous events and also makes celebration and wedding cakes.  In 2016, she spent a year in Tasmania where she cooked and picked up new skills including cheese making. She then travelled to Vietnam and Hong Kong learning about their cuisine. Joanne teaches many of our one day courses and also cooks a dinner for around 40 people at ENTCS at least once a week between March and October. Joanne loves all food except cheese scones, tripe and aubergines!

Favourite ingredients:
Chilli, Ginger, Mint and Nigella Seeds

Least favourite ingredients:
Aubergine, gelatine and tapioca

Favourite thing to teach:
Patisserie, bread

Favourite recipe to teach:
Chicken, Chorizo and Apricot Hand Raised Pie